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Oct 22, 2008

Project Overview

The project has now progressed to an interesting stage as we are now almost ready to complete our first steam test. The only outstanding jobs are to fit the three safety valves and the fire hole door. The privilege of blowing the first 60 class whistle in over 26 years has been set aside for our greatest supporter and ex NSWGR driver Percy Forester. We hope to do this some time in November.

The main focus will now be to remove the boiler cradle off the engine units and set it up level, clear of the ground to allow a full assessment and subsequent repairs. When completed the change over boiler will be lifted onto the boiler cradle. The attachment of the boiler and the cradle will involve the drilling and fitting of 48, one inch bolts and the expantion brackets on the side of the fire box. After the securing the boiler to the cradle, we can then progress to the fitting out of all of the auxiliary pipes and fittings. The cab is progressing with our friends at Eveleigh and 3801 LTD and when completed it can be fitted straight onto the centre cradle.

Some of jobs we would like to complete before Christmas are,

· The power reverser
· The reversing screw and stand (currently with Bruce)
· The smoke box shell, including a new floor
· Preparatory work on the fire grate
· Assessment of the boiler cradle

It is anticipated that the boiler will be lifted onto the cradle in the new year, however we will need to dig deep again as we will need $2000 for crane hire etc.

Alan Gardner

Project manager