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Sep 6, 2008

Another nice day!

Well the workday is over and it was another good day. Peter organised lunch again, after removing the cylinder clading with Marc's help, and didnt take any home, it was all eaten, yet no one went hungry.

Today we got the hind tank up off the ground so that work can start on repairing the stoker tube, which has suffered from years of exposure to the elements.

Marc continued the steam cleaning, and was cleaning under and around the cab for most of the day.

Work continued with freeing up the old boiler for removal from the frames. The high pressure steam pipe was released from the side of smokebox and has been liberated while the exhaust manifold is now loose and almost ready to lift out. This leaves only the high pressure steam pipe for the front unit to be released from the floor of the smokebox, and two stubborn bolts in the right hand smokebox saddle.

Barry Pffer started a collecion of the scrap metal around the site, and managed to colled a few pounds of corroded and cut nuts and bolts.

We had to new volenteers today, Art O'Brien who spent of the day cleaning up the hind tank, and David Clarke, who had travelled from Cootamundra, was helping Mike with the lifting of the tank and the boiler preparation.

I will post some new pics of the progress shortly, when Howard Moffat, our resident photographer has reviewed his work for the day, and selected a handful for the blog. Its great to have someone keeping a photgraphic record of our work.


This pic shows a few of the boys waiting for lunch and reading the New Order's First Commandments;-p

Actually Eddie and Andy are reading the nominations for the upcoming election.