6029 is owned by the Australian Railway Historical Society, ACT Division and the restoration is proudly supported by their tourist operations and by the generous donations of members and public supporters.
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Aug 23, 2008

helping with the project

Our estimate of costs to complete the job, and return 6029 to steam is $150,000, really not a lot of cash, but we do need help to raise it...one ongoing expense is to pay the wages; one day per week, of the two ARHS ACT fitters, who do one day paid work on the locomotive during the week, then come back on the weekend workdays as volunteers!

We are also interested in hearing from potential corporate sponsors, for example; is there an engineering company out there interested in helping with the construction of a new front tank?

If you can help with a tax-deductable cash donation, we will gratefully accept it, remember that the taxman gives it back to you , dollar for dollar, when you do your tax return... go to the donation form at http://www.arhsact.org.au/arhs/donations_form.php to help.

Maybe you can afford to donate $10 or $20 dollars a week? If we all do this, we will easily acheive our goals, and barely feel it in the hip pocket. Of course, one off donations are more than welcome as well.

Be sure to clearly mark the form as a donation for the 6029 project, so that your hard earned coin is used in the way you would like it to be.